Our daily routine.

At 8 am all the dogs are woken up with a friendly pat and a biscuit and then taken straight out for their early morning walk into our secure paddock. This is one and a half acres with a large open area and  includes a wooded area to run & play within.

After all the dogs have been walked the kennels are then cleaned and beds are made. Breakfast is then served and required medication dispensed at no extra cost.  The dogs are then returned to their rooms, checked over and given a fuss and a cuddle. Having been walked thay are ready for their afternoon siesta.

Between 3 and 4 pm they are fed and taken out for their second walk. After all the dogs have been walked we clean any dirty kennels and set them up for the night. The kennels are especially large so the dogs have a good space to feel at home. In the summer months we leave the runs open until 10 pm. During the winter months we settle them earlier, heat lamps go on and evening treats are given before they rest for the night.