Welcome to Brankley Farm Kennels & Cattery

Brankley Farm Kennels is an established professional boarding kennels that first started its life at Kelmash Hall in 2005. The kennels then moved 2 miles across the fields to Brankley Farm, where we have now been for ten years.

Brankley Farm Kennels

A walked dog is a happy dog.

The farm is blessed with ample fields and space for our resident dogs to romp around to their hearts content. Brankley Farm has proven to be the ideal location for our more lively guests. An acre and a half secure paddock makes sure the time they spend with us is a happy one.

Many of our dog owners not only have dogs but cats as well, so Brankley also provides a small but well equipped Cattery to cater for all our guests’ requirements.

Daventry District Council has rated Brankley Farm Kennels & Cattery a 5 Star boarding establishment.

Daventry District Council being the local authority grant Mr Duncan Mark Smith an Animal Boarding Establishment Licence. Licence Number: 18/00010/EHABCM